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Uncovering the Secret Sauce of Clothes Dryers

Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Doc Danielson Appliance Repair and Care, Protect Your Home From Dryer Fires

How They Work and What It Takes To Make Them Work Better.

Have you ever woke up to do laundry just to find a dryer that is not working? It is not only frustrating but it avoidable. In resent years we have been sold an idea that our appliances must break and that all we need to do is replace them. I can tell you, this does not have to be the truth. When we replace one dryer with a new one, it does not just cost you money. It also fills our landfills with more electronics that pollute our world and cause damage to our health.

Doc Danielson Appliance Repair and Care,
Old Dryers in Landfills

What Can We Do To Help Our Dryers Last Longer and Stop Filling Landfills?

There is "secrete sauce" that helps our dryers last longer, work better and cost less to run. This is not just to save money, but also to protect our world. The world we leave to our children and grandchildren.

Just a few years ago, my beloved Daddy "Doc" passed away and when he did he had a 50 year old washer and dryer. Most of can not imagine having an appliance that would last 50 years. However, it is possible to do more, and make our appliances last longer. What would you do with the money you currently spend on replacing your appliances? Those funds can go to anything from creating another income source to taking a vacation. Having the option to save that money and put it towards things that are important to you. It can the shift to living a more enjoyable, empowered life.

The Secrete Sauce To Dryer Wellness.

Ten Actions To Take To Help My Dryer Not Break

  1. Use Less Detergent - When washing clothing, lower the amount of detergent used in the washing machine. This helps both your washer and dryer last longer and your clothes to wear out less frequently.

  2. Sort Your Clothes By Type and Color - When you are washing clothes, they rub against each other and can cause extra lint. This can cause more wear and tear on the clothes and the dryer.

  3. Never Run Appliances When Sleeping or Out of the House - Any appliance that causes heat can catch on fire, any appliance that has water can cause a flood. If you use them when you are not paying attention can put your family at danger.

  4. Remove Lint out of the Lint Trap After Every Load of Laundry - Lint is extremely flammable, it multiplies and stuffs up dryer causing it catch on fire or get to hot. It causes the motor and other electronic equipment to stop working.

  5. Have Maintenance Conducted on Both Your Washer and Dryer - At least once a year have your dryer cleaned out, your dryer vent cleaned out and maintenance conducted on washing machine. The only time I would change this rule would be if you do more or less laundry. Make sure it is conducted after you have done somewhere between 250-275 loads of laundry.

  6. Never Over Stuff Your Dryer - This again can ruin your clothes and over use your appliance causing it to stop working or need to be replaced.

  7. Limit The Weight of The Laundry Put In The Dryer - If the laundry you put in the dryer is too wet or too large the weight can cause very expensive repairs. Never put laundry that has not spun out completely in the washing machine (it will be very wet) and over sized comforters are often reason a dryer must be replaced. Protecting your appliance takes looking at the load capacity your machine is made for.

  8. Take Large Blankets or Comforters To A Local Laundry Mat - The danger they pose on both your washing machine and dryer is not worth the risk, it can stuff up your dryer with lint and cause your pump on your washing machine to stop working. Not worth the risk!!! I have seen it cause the transmission on a washing machine go out which cost over $500 to fix normally.

  9. Protect Your Dryer and Home From Dirty Electricity and Surges With A Whole House Surge Protector - This will stop unnecessary repairs on your appliances, computers, electronic devises, your air conditioner and more. Call a local electrician to help with this, make sure they are experienced and understand the different products that are available.

  10. Never Run Your Dryer When It Makes Weird Sounds: An unusual sound be created because it is not working correct and can cause more things to go wrong. If you hear a loud noise call a local appliance service business you trust.

Having A Plan To Keep Our Appliances Working Is Critical To Lowering the Amount of Repairs We Experience

I can not tell you how many dryers I have seen that had to be replaced simply because they were not taken care of by the people who use them regularly. In fact this is what drove me to start our company 15+ years ago and what gets me up every morning.

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